White Collar

White collar crimes lawyer Tucson

If someone is employed at a business or corporation, they may handle large sums of money daily. When someone takes advantage of that access, they may be charged with white-collar crimes.

White-collar crimes are generally non-violent criminal offenses that focus on financial gain. If you have been charged with fraud or other related offenses, contact a white-collar crimes attorney in Tucson at Ferguson Hill Filous PLLC for the guidance you need.

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Penalties for White-Collar Crime

While white-collar crimes are generally non-violent, they can result in hefty penalties. Without a white collar crime attorney in Tucson to help you, you may be overwhelmed by the penalties you face.

These penalties may include imprisonment, high fines, restitution, and consequences like a criminal record. A criminal record can impact your employment, housing, and even your ability to get a loan or mortgage. That can impact your business and your quality of life in severe ways.

Fortunately, a Tucson financial crime lawyer can help you avoid these penalties. If you are worried about the consequences of a conviction, your lawyer can help you get your charges reduced or dismissed.

Options for Defending Allegations of Fraud

When facing criminal charges for a white-collar crime, you need the right criminal defense attorney. In many cases, white-collar crimes involve fraud or deception meant to provide financial gain for the person accused of committing the fraud.

Do you need a fraud defense lawyer in Tucson? Below are some of the types of attorneys you may need if you are accused of fraud or other charges related to fraud:

  • Securities fraud defense attorney Tucson
  • Tucson insider trading attorney
  • Labor and employment fraud attorney Tucson
  • Healthcare fraud lawyer Tucson
  • Investment fraud attorney Tucson
  • Embezzlement attorney Tucson
  • Insurance fraud defense lawyer Tucson
  • Tucson money laundering lawyer
  • Tucson bribery and corruption lawyer
  • Tax evasion defense attorney Tucson

If you are unsure what your charges mean, then talk to your lawyer about the details of your case. We can guide you to the answers you need.

White Collar Crimes Can Happen Online

Your business crime lawyer in Tucson is ready to handle more than just white collar crime crimes. You may be charged with internet-related offenses requiring a cybercrime defense lawyer in Tucson or a Tucson computer crimes attorney. Your attorney can aid in your defense with these criminal cases.

You may also face identity theft charges when accused of using someone else’s identifying information for your personal gain. For this specific charge, you may need an identity theft attorney in Tucson to assist with your defense. Likewise, you may need an intellectual property theft defense lawyer in Tucson if the alleged victim claims you used their intellectual property for your financial gain without their permission.

What Are Green Collar Crimes?

When working with a business or corporation, environmental regulations may impact your business. You may need to follow certain pollution, building, and animal conservation laws. These environmental white-collar crimes are also called green-collar crimes.

If you have been accused of breaking these laws, you may need an environmental white-collar crimes lawyer in Tucson. Your attorney can help you identify whether any regulations were broken and whether your company was the one responsible for those crimes.

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Connect with a Lawyer If You Are Charged with White Collar Crimes

White-collar crimes may have severe penalties, and fighting these charges can be difficult on your own. Failure to act can have major financial impacts on your business, leaving you facing penalties that affect your future. You may even face imprisonment depending on the details of your charges.

Fortunately, a Tucson white-collar defense lawyer can help you when facing severe fines and penalties. Your attorney can help you with gathering information, identifying the defenses for your case, and representing your case or your business in the courtroom.  When you are ready to take action, your Ferguson Hill Filous PLLC lawyer is ready to help. Start with an initial consultation with our team by calling us or filling out our online contact form.