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If you were arrested on theft charges, you’ll need the best defense possible. With the help of a Tucson theft crime attorney, you can fight the prosecution.

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Misdemeanor and Felony Theft Charges in Tucson

Theft occurs when a person knowingly takes control of someone else’s property with the intent to permanently take possession of it. There are many kinds of theft crimes, including shoplifting, burglary, extortion, credit card fraud, failing to return rental property, knowingly issuing a bad check, forgery, robbery, and auto theft.

With this in mind, you can face theft charges if you take something that doesn’t belong to you without express permission. Depending on the nature of the crime, you may be facing misdemeanor or felony charges.

The state of Arizona defines theft as taking control of someone else’s property with the intent to keep it from them or use it for longer than you were granted permission. Theft can also occur by obtaining property or services by lying with the intent to keep the item from its original owner.

If you knowingly possess property that you either have good reason to believe was stolen or you know for a fact was stolen, it is also considered theft. Theft charges are also issued when someone takes control of property belonging to a vulnerable adult, such as an elderly or disabled person.

What Are the Penalties for Tucson Theft Crimes?

Tucson theft crime penalties vary depending on whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges. If you have a prior criminal history, used physical force, or the property was returned to the owner, these factors can impact the severity of charges against you.

Theft charges are often categorized according to the value of the item that was allegedly stolen. Often, those with a value of less than $1,000 will be considered petty theft.

Felony theft crimes occur when the value of the stolen items is more than $1,000. You will likely face prison time, hefty fines, and probation. You may also need to attend counseling, make restitution, and serve community service.

Felony theft charges can be life-changing. An experienced Tucson theft crime lawyer can create a strong defense to help you fight these charges. Contact our expert legal team today to discuss your case.

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What to Do If You’ve Been Charged with Theft Crimes in Tucson

Even petty theft charges can have a negative affect on your criminal record. For felony charges, you may have to serve time in prison. In addition, the fees, fines, and other penalties can be incredibly intense.

Ferguson Hill Filous, PLLC provides unwavering support and aggressive criminal defense for those facing theft charges. Contact us today to get the defense you need. In some situations, with evidence, we can show that you had consent to use the property or that it was all just a mistake and you had no idea that the property was stolen. If you received stolen property as a gift and were unaware of the crime, you will need someone to provide a vigorous defense on your behalf to ensure your side of the story is heard.

Good people make mistakes every day, and our skilled attorneys will craft the right defense and support you every step of the way. Ferguson Hill Filous, PLLC will work to poke holes in the prosecution’s case and to help you by working to minimize potential penalties and fight for your freedom. Contact us today at (520) 226-4627 or fill out our online contact form.