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“I was arrested by the Tucson Police Department and put in Pima County jail for a week without being told of what I was accused of. There was a crew of drug dealers that moved into my complex and on the night of my arrest. I told a guy that was selling to cars pulling up of the street to leave because he was trespassing. He ended up calling the police on me and made up a story. I ended up parting ways with the public defender and hired Katherine Lynn Filous to represent me. Katie was very honest about the possibility of prison time if I were to lose the case. I was honest in giving details about the night of the arrest and she believed in what I was telling her. So the case was pushed back and eventually on today the 3/10/2023, Katie called me and informed me that the case was dismissed. Which is what she was telling me all along. I believe if I would have gone with the public defender that I probably would have gotten probation sentence for something I did not do. Katie was honestly confused on why they arrested me with no cause. I am extremely happy and grateful for all her work and success in representing me.”


“I was arrested for DV/threats and intimidation after an argument with a family member. The whole incident was ridiculous. I started searching for an attorney and was referred to Ferguson Hill by another attorney. Had a consultation and hired them. They had a lot of back and forth with the prosecution, who initially wanted restitution, classes etc. I submitted security camera footage of the incident. Miriam viewed it and messaged me back saying she was going to request a dismissal. After waiting for the prosecutor to review the video Miriam got back with me with good news. They had viewed the video and conceded that a prosecution would fail. My case was dismissed. Ferguson Hill also represented me in court without me having to be there which was a bit less stress. Now I can get back to my life without this hanging over my head.”


“With Trevor from the door we had an understanding on my case, and not one time did he ever deviate or try to manipulate me to do otherwise. My life was pretty much over 8-14 years and I’m already in my 30’s i would have missed my kids growing up, i would have never got my life together and started down the path I’m on. I now own a successful business and I’m happy with who I’ve become and i can honestly and truly say that is all thanks to this man. He could never charge his worth because i promise only 1% would be able to afford that. Trevor has/is and will be a part of my family for life. Thank you for never giving up on me and giving me a second chance at life! I wish you nothing but the best and success in life you more than deserve it. Be blessed!!!”


“I had a lot at stake and I needed to be precise in the decision that I made facing Criminal charges. Contacting Mr. Hill was by far the best decision to make. He was very thorough and explained my options quite clearly, Always looking for my best interest and making sure I understood the consequences and what I was agreeing to. I highly recommend Going to Mr. Trevor hill, Is for anyone looking for an attorney. He will not let you down I was at a point Where I couldn't afford to take a wrong step. He has done an excellent job. I am sure that anyone going to him is going to think just the same I am very appreciative Use of the work and dedication put into my situation by this attorney.”


“Katie Malka is an outstanding attorney and an amazing human being. She is exceptionally intelligent and very knowledgeable. What stood out to me is that she does not treat her clients as mere clients, she rather engages with the cases and becomes part of them. She does not sugarcoat the facts, but rather explain the realities of your case as they are, so you know what to expect. She then goes out her way to provide the support you need to get the most satisfying outcomes. Katie is a hardworking, dedicated, and passionate attorney who you need to have in your corner. I absolutely recommend Katie to take your case and fight for you.”


“I contacted and consulted Attorney Filous for an upcoming eviction hearing and the response and commitment I got from her was unlike any other experience I’ve had with any law firm/attorney. Miss Filous acted quickly, applied her extensive knowledge surrounding the details of my case and quickly found a positive resolution for me essentially eliminating several years of stress and financial cost. I am thoroughly impressed with her respect for the community at large, respect for me as an individual and highly recommended Attorney Filous for your legal needs.”


“Thank you very much Mariam and Trevor!! I was facing eviction and reached out to EELS program, who put me in contact with Mariam. They were very helpful and thorough with my case, and were even able to get the case dismissed. I recommend anybody facing eviction to please reach out to them. They are truly very helpful. They looked beyond what I seen on paper and like I said were able to prove my landlord wrong. So please don’t just agree with your landlord or give up hope, reach out to them and let them be there for you. Again thank you all very much 💙🙏🏼”

Jimi Ibarra

““Trevor Hill is the BEST criminal defense attorney in Pima County. His knowledge of case law, rules of criminal procedure and reputation in the legal community outshine all others. Not to mention, how many attorneys can you call on their cell phone on a Saturday? He stays in contact with you 100% of the time and I felt like his representation was dirt cheap for the services I received from him. I highly, highly recommend you retain this firm for criminal defense, but only if you want to win.””

Stephen Perko

“Considering it was my first time going through this situation , The Ferguson’s made me feel comfortable and at ease throughout the whole process, they helped me understand the situation on a higher level that I could not get through by myself , very genuine people and they wanted to help and did all they could too get me through this process. I Definitely highly recommend them as a lawyer, it was worth every penny and I am ever so grateful for them.”


“Trevor is the most reachable attorney that it's unheard of. He answers his email, cell phone, text messages and will communicate with you 7 days/week. His knowledge of the law, case law, rules of criminal procedure, etc. puts him and his clients at an advantage over opposing counsel. He is very well respected by both prosecutors and judges and will fight for you no matter what. Trevor is underpriced for the superior services he gives, especially for the number of cases he wins.”


“Trevor is the man. I made a lot of poor decisions a few years ago, and it took a couple years for them to catch up with me. From the consultation, through all court appearances, Trevor and crew were very communicative. My questions were always answered very quickly, he handled my freaking out calls very kindly, he was very understanding. At the end of the day, he got all charges dismissed, 11/10 would recommend.”


“Trevor took on 2 DV cases for me. I was looking at for what understood to be 1 to 3 years for one case. And 5 tob 10 the other. The public defender before I hired Trevor said I should take a plea of 3.75 years. Trevor is a rockstar. He he got one case dismissed, and the other times served the time I I was already in county. If you need a lawyer. This is it.”

Captain William Holland

“I would like to give my thanks to Katherine L. Filous, my attorney, for the effort and conclusion that was done for my case. She kept me updated and informed through this whole process. Most of all I need to thank her and the staff for the dismissal that I was awarded. She and her office will become highly recommended.”


“Trevor Hill did an exceptional job handling my criminal case I had recently Trevor was able to negotiate with the state to dismiss some of the major felonies I was facing, and he was able to get me a plea bargain of probation when I was facing several years in prison. I’m very thankful for his hard work and dedication.”


“Had a free consultation, hired immediately after. Was flexible about the payment, incredibly professional, very willing to explain processes and answer questions. Ended up getting me better than the best possible result I thought I could get. Definitely worth your money and your time. ”


“Miriam and Trevor are fantastic attorneys. They are very well-versed in criminal law and work hard to get their clients great results. I highly recommend them.”

Adam Dippel

“Top Firm if you are looking for customer oriented, result driven attorneys. If you need the best defense put forward hire Trevor and Mariam! Highly recommend them!”

Efthymios Katsarelis

“Mariam is an extraordinary lawyer she goes above and beyond for her clients. She changed and helped my life so much. She has an amazing team. She's such an humbling human being I was blessed and I am so grateful to have had her representing me. Thank you Mariam.”


“Miriam was very helpful with all my needs. Her knowledge and guidance was fantastic.”


“Professional.Helpful.No games straight forward.Made me feel less worried and more confident. The Diaz family thanks you M. Ferguson”


“She is a great lawyer. I will always use her if ever have criminal case. Would recommend to everyone. Thank you”


“Katie is amazing, she’s attentive, smart, responsive and super aggressive and diligent. She has confidence and great self esteem! Highly recommended.”


“She was the best she explained everything to were I could understand it and gave me really good advice on what steps to take.”


“Best lawyer in town very professional and got the best ending for me and always very friendly . Thank you very much”


“Her work was very effective. I Always had contact with her and she did a great job on getting me a reasonable plea agreement”


“Katherine Was able to get me off life time probation completely when I thought there was no way it could happen. She kept me informed every step of the way. I am so thankful for Katherine.”


“I’d like to thank beautiful Katherine for such a great job representing me. Katherine is very knowledgeable of the laws. She got multiple charges dropped in my case.”


“My lawyer and her team were very flexible with payments, very outgoing and great team to work with. outgoing, comfortable to work with and help you in anyway they can”


“I love her she’s the best . You working with us the whole process. She went over a beyond my sister. She stay updating me on my sister case. I will use her again if I had to.”


“Trevor was very much helpful in my case. What helped me the most is that he was more than willing to walk me through each step of the process and was also able to speak at my level of understanding, which was awesome.”


“Trevor Hill is an excellent lawyer . He took the time out to explain everything in my case even if it was something he had alread explained to me before. He was always quick to return a phone call and to speak to me even on a Saturday.....THANK YOU TREVOR HILL..”

Anna Marie

“Mr. Hill assessed the case and targeted the areas where he was able to make the most of. He articulated his position in those areas powerfully. The outcome was in our favor. It was far more than we had hoped for.”


“Trevor gave me a second chance at life. Trevor went above and beyond to do anything and everything to keep me out of jail and keep me from being a felon. I would recommend Trevor hill to anyone fighting criminal charges.”


“He helped me with my case got me a good deal his always on top of his stuff and good customer service if i had to use him again i would in a heart beat.”


“Thank you for getting our case dismissed with a diversion instead of a Criminal misdemeanor on our sons record. ”


“Was kind ,compassionate and on top of the situation . He was with me at every turn (appointment) I would hire him /his firm again”


“I was arrested and needed help of an attorney. I found Trevor Hill and associates and they got my case dismissed. He made me feel at ease during this stressful time in my life. If you're looking for the best look no further Trevor Hill is who you want!”


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