Sexual Assault

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An accusation of sexual assault is a serious charge that can have a huge impact on your life. You need a strong advocate to help you defend yourself against these types of serious allegations. In addition to mandatory prison time, there are many other potential penalties from a conviction of sexual assault. These can include being required to register as a sex offender, harming your reputation in your community, and potentially impacting your ability to see your children.

Our sexual abuse defense attorneys are here to help. At Ferguson Hill Filous PLLC, we understand how impactful accusations of sexual crimes can be, but your sexual assault attorney in Tucson is here to help. Reach out to our team for help navigating these criminal allegations.

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What Is Sexual Assault?

When accused of sexual assault, it is important to understand exactly what you are charged with. While a sex offenses lawyer can help with many types of sex crime offenses, knowing what to expect can help you prepare your defense.

Sexual assault is defined as “intentionally or knowingly engaging in sexual intercourse or oral sexual contact with any person without consent of such person.” This covers many types of sexual conduct, such as public sexual indecency. These charges can negatively impact your future.

Sexual assault is a Class 2 Felony. Felony sex crime cases can result in years of prison and thousands of dollars in fines. If you are facing sexual assault charges, reach out to a lawyer to learn more about your options to protect yourself.

Offenses Related to Sexual Assault

There are a variety of potential sex crimes under Arizona law. Below is a non-exhaustive list of potential sex offenses in Arizona:

  • Indecent exposure
  • Child molestation
  • Prostitution
  • Child pornography
  • Internet sex crimes
  • Molestation
  • Sexual abuse
  • Statutory rape
  • Rape
  • Date rape
  • Sexual misconduct

Penalties for Sexual Assault Convictions

When you are accused of sex crime charges, your future may be on the line. An experienced sex crimes attorney can help guide you through this difficult and intimidating process of fighting these serious allegations. The severity of your case may vary.

But the penalties do not end there. Depending on the type of sexual crime and the details of the offense, you can be facing misdemeanor charges, state court felony charges, or a case in federal court. Below are some other penalties you may face if convicted of a sexual offense.

Sex Offender Registration

Those convicted of sexual assault may be required to register as a sex offender. Convicted sex offenders must notify criminal law enforcement offices about their current address, and neighbors must also be warned. These warnings will even include the specified sex offense of which you have been convicted.


Probation in Arizona is a suspended sentence. If you are convicted of an offense and receive a sentence of probation, you may be required to live in an approved residence, submit to drug and alcohol testing, and abide by a schedule approved by your probation officer, among other requirements.

Not every criminal case is viable for this release program, and you may be forced to complete your sentence in prison if you do not follow the rules. With a strong defense, you may have a chance to stay out of prison even if you cannot avoid a conviction.

Long-Term Impacts of a Criminal Record

If a person is convicted of a crime in Arizona and completes their sentence, they may still be impacted by the long-term consequences of their criminal record. These are called collateral consequences. A conviction for a crime like sexual assault can impact many aspects of your life even after the case is finished. For example, you may be in financial debt for a long time, especially if you cannot work due to your record.

Your record will appear on background checks, impacting your ability to get a job, seek housing, or get a loan. It can even impact divorce proceedings regarding child custody, as past sexual offenses can be considered.

Legal Defenses Your Attorney Can Provide

When you are accused of sexual assault, a dedicated team of lawyers like our office can help you gather evidence and develop the best defense. Prosecutors always have the burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. A skilled sexual crimes defense attorney can work with you to identify issues with the prosecutor’s case, develop and find evidence on your behalf, and fight with you every step of the way.

If you have been falsely accused of a crime, our team can advocate for you to the court. A skilled team of attorneys will be with you every step of the way by challenging the prosecutor’s allegations, presenting your side of the story, and fighting for your future. A team of lawyers will work with you to seek out evidence to help bolster your case and make sure you have the best possible defense.

Your lawyer can look at the details of your case and determine the best approach for your defense. Reach out to a team of dedicated lawyers like our firm to help protect your future.

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Tucson Sexual Assault FAQ

When accused of sexual assault, you must know the best path forward for your case. A conviction can devastate your future. When so much is at stake any delay can have massive consequences on your defense against these allegations.

If you struggle to get answers, contact our team to learn more. Your lawyer can answer case-specific questions, and the following questions can help you understand how your lawyer can help you.

What is the punishment for sexual assault in Arizona?

If you are convicted of sexual assault in Arizona, the specific sentence you may face depends on the details of your case and your criminal record. For a first offense, you may face up to 5.25 years in prison, in addition to fines and collateral consequences. Those with two or more prior convictions on their record may face a maximum of 28 years in prison.

What is a sexual assault case?

A sexual assault case means you may have been accused of knowingly or intentionally engaging in intercourse or oral sexual contact with a person without their consent. There are many different kinds of sexual crimes, including sexual assault, molestation, sexual abuse, or sexual conduct with a minor. Talk to your lawyer about the details of your case.

How can a criminal defense attorney help me?

When you are accused of breaking the law, a criminal defense attorney can help you avoid the devastating penalties that may come with your charges. Your attorney can gather evidence and build the best defense for you, so you can get your charges reduced or dismissed.

Reach Out to a Sexual Assault Attorney in Tucson

When you are accused of a sexual crime, you need an experienced sexual crimes attorney to fight against a conviction. Our lawyers understand our clients want justice, and we want to help you avoid conviction.

When you are ready for a vigorous defense, contact the Ferguson Hill Filous PLLC team to speak with a sexual assault attorney in Tucson. We can be reached by calling us or completing our online contact form.