Best DUI Defense Lawyers in Tucson

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI, you need to find legal representation as soon as possible. With no defense on your side, you could be facing some serious penalties. DUI cases move quickly and there are legal deadlines that can affect the outcome of your case. A lot of DUI defendants miss their first hearing or try to take it on alone. These people usually end up losing their driver’s license. When you have representation going into your first hearing, it can help your chances of getting a better deal. Don’t sell yourself short. Turn to Ferguson Hill Filous for the DUI defense lawyers Tucson locals depend on.

Questions We Can Answer

When going through a situation like this, you will have many questions. Our team can answer your questions and make you feel more at ease. Here are a few we feel confident we can cover for you:

  • What happens after I get arrested?
  • What If my DUI involves someone’s death?
  • Will my DUI show up on a criminal background check?
  • What happens during the preliminary hearing?
  • Can I be charged without a public intoxication test?

You need to connect with DUI attorneys that know how to handle your case. This will ensure that you get the best result possible. Even if this is only your first offense, it’s vital to find a lawyer to represent you. This will give you a better chance of your charges being dropped or even getting your case dismissed. An attorney also knows how to negotiate and get your charges reduced. A less serious offense is still a better outcome and can save your future. Don’t let a mistake ruin your life. Call Ferguson Hill Filous today to work with the DUI defense lawyersTucson believes in.