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When you’re facing burglary charges, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. You need a Tucson burglary defense attorney on your side to help you successfully navigate your case. Tucson’s burglary laws and regulations are tough on criminals. If convicted, the penalties could mean prison time and hefty fines.

Contact a burglary defense lawyer in Tucson from Ferguson Hill Filous, PLLC to provide you with the highest level of criminal defense. We know how criminal charges can impact your future. With the stakes this high, you want a Tucson criminal defense attorney with the experience and skills required to advocate for you and your freedom.

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What Is Burglary in Arizona?

People often use “burglary” and “robbery” interchangeably, though these are separate charges in the state of Arizona. Burglary is the crime of entering a building — either a residential or business property — with the intent to commit a felony. A burglary does not necessarily require a theft. There are different degrees of burglary, which can increase or reduce the seriousness of the felony charge.

Burglary is a felony criminal offense. If convicted, you could face serious penalties. Call our dedicated law team to ensure you have the best defense possible.

What Makes Burglary Different from Robbery?

A robbery is a much more serious crime and involves taking property from another person against his or her will. It can involve the threat or actual use of force while taking the property.

What Are the Penalties for Tucson Burglary Convictions?

If you are arrested for burglary in Tucson, you will be facing felony charges.

First-Degree Burglary

First-degree Burglary occurs when an individual enters any property, business, or residence while in possession of a deadly weapon, dangerous instrument, or an explosive in the course of committing a theft or any felony. If you are alleged to have entered a non-residential property, like a fenced commercial or residential yard, you could be charged with a class three felony with a prison sentence of five to 15 years. If the property is a residential structure, you could receive a class 2 felony and serve a term of seven to 21 years in prison.

Second-Degree Burglary

Second-degree burglary occurs when an individual unlawfully enters or remains in or on a residential structure with the intent to commit any theft or another felony therein. It’s a class 3 felony, which could result in a mandatory prison sentence of 2 to 8.75 years.

Third-Degree Burglary

Third-degree burglary is a class 4 felony and occurs when an individual enters any part of a motor vehicle by means of a manipulation key or master key with the intent to commit any theft or felony in the motor vehicle. Third-degree burglary can also occur when an individual enters or remains unlawfully in or on a fenced commercial or residential yard or non-residential structure with the intent to commit theft or any felony therein. If convicted, you could face a mandatory prison sentence of 1 to 3.75 years.

Only a criminal defense lawyer in Tucson knows the best way to help you fight these charges. Contact Ferguson Hill Filous, PLLC and you’ll have a legal team to challenge the evidence against you and work for justice on your behalf.

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What to Do If You’ve Been Charged with Burglary in Tucson

Burglary is a serious criminal charge that can lead you to serve many years and up to a lifetime in prison. You may also be stuck paying big fines and fees, have to forfeit property, or potentially have strict probation requirements. If the prosecution is also trying to tack robbery onto the charges, you will have an even worse fate ahead if convicted.

Ferguson Hill Filous, PLLC is committed to providing the best in criminal defense for those facing burglary charges. Our skilled attorneys will find the right defense to help protect your job, reputation, and freedom

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